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How To Find My Size

In this simple guide, we'll go over the most important factors
when deciding on the right ride for you or your child.
Top 4 Things to Consider before you buy | 1 Wheel's Size & Rider's Inseam > What is this? A Measurement containing the length of the rider's crotch to the floor. | 2 Seat Height | 3 Geometry | 4 Weight
1 Wheel Size

This will be your first base measurement
for selecting the right bike.

We consider the rider’s age and their height to find a general wheel size category. Then, their inseam is measured - the length of the crotch to the floor. With these two factors combined, you’ll arrive at an accurate wheel size selection.
2 Seat Height

Inseam is everything.

The inseam becomes an important factor, since this will tell you where the seat height will fall. For rider’s who are beginners, they should match the minimum seat height with their inseam. For more experienced riders, the minimum seat height should be 2” to 3” more than their inseam.

Let’s talk about your frame shape, handlebar height,
& q-factor.

The shape of your frame directly affects your bikes standover height. Comfortably, a rider should clear one to two inches from the crotch to the top tube. The height or shape of the handlebar may restrict the rider’s cockpit area, making maneuverability difficult. (i.e. knees hitting the handlebar or restricted turning). If the budget allows, a good q-factor means a more efficient pedal stroke since your feet are closer together when you ride.

Mobility & momentum should go hand-in-hand.

As your bicycle is a form of mobile transportation, each leg pump pushes both you and your bike’s weight forward. Therefore, ratio wise, most adult bikes should only weigh 20% of your weight. For kid’s bikes, they should ideally be 40% of their weight.
Full Chart containing ages, inseams, and weights, depending on the tire size.  | Tire Size 12", Age 2-3yrs, Inseam 15"-18", Height 36"-39" | 14" Tire Size | Age 2-4yrs | Inseam 15"-20" | Height 37"-44" | 16" Tire Size | Age 4yr-6yr |  Inseam 16" -22" | Height 41"-48" | 20" Tire Size | Age 5yr-8yr | Inseam 19"-25" | Height 45"-54" | 24" Tire Size | Age 8yr-11yr | Inseam 23"-28" | Height 49"-59" | 26" Tire Size | Age 10yr+ | Inseam 25"+ | Height 56"+ | 27.5" Tire Size | Age 13yr+ | Inseam 28"+ | Height 58"+

Some Extra Tips:

Standover Height
A rider should be able to comfortably stand over their top tube with about two inches of clearance.

This is especially important for smaller children and those learning (around 20"+), this gap will prevent injury if your child falls forward from their seated position.
How to estimate a wheelbase:
analyze the space between the seat and handlebars.

Long Wheelbase =
better control, stable pedaling position, and more space
to lean for gaining leverage on handlebars.

Short Wheelbase =
shorter cockpit area, knees hitting handlebar,
and restricted turning.