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What Bike Speed Is Best for Me? 🚴

Choosing the right drivetrain speed for your bike can significantly impact your cycling experience. A drivetrain is a crucial component that transfers your pedal power to the wheels and finding one suitable for your fitness level and riding style is essential. Factors like terrain, frequency of cycling, and budget should also be considered when selecting the right drivetrain speed for your bike. This guide discusses these factors and will lead you to the right bike!
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26" Kent Men's SeaChange

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If you're in the market for a bike that doesn't require shifting, consider a single-speed bike. These bikes have become popular recently due to their simplicity and low maintenance. They only have one gear, meaning you can't shift gears like a multi-speed bicycle. Fewer gears mean there are fewer components to maintain and less of a chance of mechanical issues. Single-speed bikes are also typically lighter and less expensive than multi-speed bikes. 

If this is the case, when is a single-speed bike appropriate? Single-speed bikes are great for flat urban environments. A single-speed bicycle is an excellent choice if you have a short commute to work, run errands around town, or even take a quick ride around the neighborhood. They're also popular among track cyclists and fixie enthusiasts who appreciate the challenge of riding without gears.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with hills or plan on doing longer rides, there may be better choices than a single-speed bike. Climbing hills on a single-speed bike can be challenging, and you may need help to keep up with other riders on multi-speed bikes.

To summarize everything, a single-speed bike would be the best choice if you're looking for a simple, low-maintenance bike for short commuting or riding in flat urban environments. They are easy to ride, and we offer an array of single-speed bikes to match your personality. As always, it's essential to consider your personal needs and preferences before choosing a bike.

Let's Talk About Gears

Gears on 20" Kent Cavalier Recumbent

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Gears are essential to any bike, allowing riders to pedal with less effort on varying terrain. For example, if you are riding up a steep hill, you can shift to a lower gear, which makes pedaling more manageable, but moves the bike slower. If you are riding on flat terrain, you can change to a higher gear, which makes pedaling harder, but allows you to go faster. 

Gears are part of a bike's drivetrain system that controls the relationship between the speed at which the pedals rotate and the speed at which the bike moves. The gears consist of sprockets on the rear wheel and chainrings on the pedals. Depending on the number of sprockets and chainrings, a bike can have a different number of gears varying from 3 to 21. Gears also allow riders to maintain a consistent pedaling cadence and help prevent muscle fatigue. 

If you are interested in the technics of gears, gears work by changing the gear ratio between the pedals and the wheels. A gear with a large number of teeth is harder to pedal but moves the bike further with each revolution. In contrast, a gear with fewer teeth is easier to pedal but moves the bike a shorter distance. Bikes typically have two sets of gears: the front chainrings and the rear sprockets. The front chainrings make more significant gear changes, while the rear sprockets offer finer adjustments.

Need to learn how to use gears on a bike? No need to worry; we got you covered. To use gears on a bike, you'll need to shift between the different gears depending on the terrain and wind conditions. On most bikes, there are two shifters: one on the left handlebar that controls the front chainrings and one on the right handlebar that controls the rear sprockets. Shifting requires coordination between your hands and feet, as you'll need to continue pedaling while changing gears.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when using gears:

  • You'll need to pedal fast when shifting to a lower gear, but with less force.
  • It would be best to pedal harder but slower when shifting to a higher gear.
  • Shift gears before reaching a hill or other obstacles to maintain momentum.
  • Try to maintain a consistent pedaling cadence by shifting gears to keep your pedaling effort constant.
  • Practice shifting gears on flat terrain before trying it on hills or uneven surfaces.

Now that you know all about gears and how they work, let's jump into the different speeds and see which is right for you!


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Consider a 3-speed bicycle if you're in the market for a new bike that doesn't require much shifting but still want shifters. 3-speed bikes offer a middle ground between the simplicity of a single-speed bike and the versatility of a multi-speed bicycle.

Let's discuss what a 3-speed bike is. A 3-speed bike has three gears, typically in the rear wheel's hub. You can shift gears without worrying about derailleur adjustments or chain movement. Three-speed bikes generally are heavier than single-speed bikes but lighter than multi-speed bikes.

Now that we know about 3-speed bikes, when's the appropriate time for them? 3-speed bikes are great for city riding and commuting. A 3-speed bike is an excellent choice if you're riding on primarily flat terrain with occasional hills. The three gears offer a range to tackle hills while maintaining good speed on flat terrain. These bikes are also great for leisurely rides and touring. If you plan on riding on a scenic route with lots of stops, a 3-speed bike can make navigating the hills and valleys easier without causing too much strain.

However, if you plan on riding on more challenging terrain or longer distances, there may be better choices than a 3-speed bike. The limited number of gears can make it more difficult to maintain a consistent speed on steep hills or long climbs.

To recap everything about a 3-speed bike, it may be the right choice if you're looking for a versatile bike for city riding and commuting, leisurely rides, and touring moderately hilly terrain. However, let's say you're in a scenario where you're planning on riding on more challenging terrain or longer distances. Consider a multi-speed bike with a wider range of gears in that case. 


32" Kent Big League | 7-Speed

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Let's jump into what a 7-speed bike is. A 7-speed bike has 7 gears in the derailleur on the rear wheel. You can shift gears to find the perfect gear ratio for any situation. 7-speed bikes are typically heavier than single-speed and 3-speed but lighter than bikes with more gears. 

These bikes are great for city riding and commuting, especially if you encounter hills on your route. The broader range of gears allows you to tackle steeper hills without losing too much speed on flat terrain. 7-speed bikes are also great for leisurely rides and touring. Suppose you're planning on riding on hilly terrain or longer distances. In that case, a 7-speed bike can make maintaining a comfortable cadence throughout your ride easier. 

Although, if you plan on racing or riding on very challenging terrain, there may be better choices than a 7-speed bike. The limited number of gears can make maintaining a consistent speed on steep climbs or descents harder.  

Overall, a 7-speed bike may be the right choice if you're looking for a versatile bike for city riding and commuting, leisurely rides, and touring on moderately hilly terrain. On the other hand, if you plan on racing or riding on very challenging terrain, consider a bike with even more gears.


27.5" Kent Adult's Electric

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8-speed bikes have grown in popularity over the years, and it gives the extra boost a 7-speed bike can't provide. These bikes are an excellent choice for riders looking for versatility and efficiency. Suppose you are a commuter who needs to tackle a variety of terrain. An 8-speed bike can help you find the perfect gear for uphill climbs, fast descents, and everything in between. Similarly, suppose you are a recreational rider who enjoys exploring new trails and routes. In that case, an 8-speed bike can provide the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. 

One of the main benefits of an 8-speed bike is that it allows you to maintain a consistent cadence, or pedaling rate, regardless of the terrain. You can ride more efficiently, using less energy and reducing the strain on your muscles and joints. Additionally, having the 8 gears lets you find the perfect gear for your riding style and physical condition. For example, suppose you are recovering from an injury or have a medical condition that affects your stamina. In that case, an 8-speed bike can help you find a comfortable level of resistance that allows you to ride safely and enjoyably.

It's also worth noting that 8-speed bikes are often more affordable than higher-end models with more gears. While there are certainly more expensive bikes on the market, an 8-speed bike can provide excellent value for the price, especially for riders who are just starting or don't need the extra gear for their specific style. 

With 8 gears, you can find the perfect resistance level for your riding style, maintain a consistent cadence, and enjoy a smooth and enjoyable ride. 


27.5" Kent Wanderer Men's & Women's

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Next are 9-speed bikes, which offer a lot of versatility due to the 9 gears. Having more of these gears is perfect for commuting or a leisurely ride, as you can tackle more than the lower speeds. The flexibility can make cycling more comfortable and enjoyable, as well as helping riders cover longer distances with less effort.

There are a couple of benefits of using a 9-speed. The first one is that there are more shifting options, especially when tackling different terrains. The other benefit is it can help improve your overall fitness. By adjusting the gears to provide more resistance, you can increase the intensity of your workout and challenge yourself to build strength and endurance. Additionally, 9-speeds help cyclists who ride more often and train for longer rides or races. 

So, who would use a 9-speed bike? 9-speed will be a great choice if you're a commuter who wants to get to work or school quickly and efficiently. The versatility of the gears would make it easier to navigate through traffic and adjust to changes in elevation, so you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and energized. If you recreationally cycle and like to explore, 9-speeds would help you tackle more challenging rides easily. Suppose any of these are different from you. In that case, we recommend getting something with fewer gears, as you wouldn't need the added complexity. 

To sum up, a 9-speed bike can offer a range of benefits for cyclists of all levels and abilities. With its multiple gears and versatility, it can make cycling more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. If you're considering getting a 9-speed, it would be the perfect medium of speed, not too little, not too much.


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10-speed bikes have recently become the cycling world's most popular advancements. The 10 different gears allow more flexibility for the rider and provide more resistance options than any of the lower gears. Also, this means that it's even easier to tackle any terrain. 

Not only can 10-speed bikes help you tackle any terrain and elevation and give you plenty of speed and efficiency, but they can also help improve your fitness level. By having more gears, you can adapt to different levels of resistance. 10-speeds can help build your strength and endurance. Remember that 10-speed bikes benefit those familiar with riding but have experience in some way. 

If you're wondering if this bike is for me, consider why you would use it. 10-speed bikes would be excellent for commuters who need the speed to get through clogged traffic. If you don't commute and ride recreationally, this would also be great since you would need the speed to explore different places. 10-speed bikes are for those who need to tackle a lot more than what the lower speeds would offer. 

All in all, 10-speed bikes offer a range of benefits for almost any cyclist. Since it has so many gears and flexibility, it makes cycling more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable. 10-speeds can be enjoyed by those who like to explore new places and are not just starting out riding. Experienced cyclists could enjoy this, too, as a way to wind down from the vast amount of gears they are used to using.


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There are even more options for speedy bikes, including 14-speed bikes. These bikes have 14 gears, creating even more room for tackling different terrain and elevations. 14-speed bikes are more for those who identify as advanced intermediate or experts, as having all these gears inexperienced or new to cycling could be complex.

The benefits of using a 14-speed bike are that it provides greater control and precision in adjusting the resistance and speed of the bike. With more gears, riders can better match the pedaling speed to their fitness level, environment, and riding conditions. It also leads to greater efficiency and a more comfortable ride. Additionally, this brings more resistance levels to build strength and endurance.

14-speed bikes could be used by many, including commuters and competitive cyclists. Commuters with a longer commute than others would greatly benefit from this. It would help them reach their destination more efficiently and with less effort. No more worrying about going to work looking drenched. Competitive cyclists could use this bike to practice and improve performance, especially for training. 

A 14-speed bike offers a range of benefits for more experienced cyclists who want greater control, precision, and customization in their riding experience. If you are new to cycling or don't have a diverse terrain, 14-speeds could be too much and complex. With more gears, cyclists have better options to match the resistance to their needs and riding environment. 14-speeds has greater efficiency and comfort than any other bikes with lower speeds. 


700c Men's & Women's Kent Ridgeway Transit

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Suppose you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a bicycle that supports extreme riding and terrain, 21-speeds are your answer. As the name suggests, this type of bike has 21 different gears, which you can shift between as you ride. 

There are a couple of factors in deciding whether a 21-speed bike is right for you. Let's start with your fitness level. If you're beginning with biking or not in the most incredible shape, a 21-speed bike might be overwhelming. If you need to get more familiar with 21-speeds, shifting gears quickly and smoothly can be challenging. In addition, the 21-speed bike requires knowing when to shift in different situations. In this case, consider a simpler bike with fewer gears. 

The other factor to consider is the terrain you'll be riding on. If you plan on riding hilly or mountainous terrain, a 21-speed bike can be a great choice. When climbing a steep hill, you would use a lower gear, while on the other hand, a higher gear would be helpful when going downhill or riding on flat terrain. The wide range of gears will allow you to tackle steep climbs and tricky descents easily. However, you might not need so many gears if you ride flat on roads or bike paths. It takes patience and practice to learn all the gears, and 21-speeds is definitely for those more experienced. Yet, as they say, practice makes perfect, so one day, you can navigate any terrain! 

In conclusion, the right speed for your bike depends on various factors, including your riding style, terrain, and personal preference. A single-speed bike may be perfect for short and flat commutes, while a 3-speed bike is excellent for slightly hilly areas. Riders who want more versatility for hills and varying terrain may opt for a seven-speed, eight-speed, nine-speed, or ten-speed bike, which offers a broader range of gears. If you're a serious cyclist or frequently ride in challenging terrain, a 14-speed or 21-speed bike may be your best choice, providing greater control and precision. Regardless of your chosen speed, it's always essential to understand how to use the gears correctly and how they work. Shifting gears requires practice and coordination, but once you master it, you can efficiently tackle any terrain! 

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