26" Margaritaville® Coast is Clear & 26" Margaritaville® First Look

Summer Bike Guide: Top Picks By Size ­čî×

Discover the ideal ride for your summer escapades with our comprehensive bike guide, showcasing top picks for every size and style preference. From colorful cruisers to rugged mountain bikes, there's something for everyone to enjoy as you soak up the sunshine and create lasting memories on two wheels. Happy riding!
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12" LittleMissMatched® Unicorn

12" LittleMissMatched® Unicorn

Click this link to buy the 12" LittleMissMatched® Unicorn: https://kent.bike/products/12-littlemissmatched-unicorn

Are you looking to inject a burst of color and whimsy into your child's summer adventures? Look no further than the 12" LittleMissMatched® Unicorn! This vibrant ride is the epitome of summer joy, boasting a kaleidoscope of hues, including purple, pink, blue, and yellow, that will undoubtedly turn heads as your little one pedals by. Not only does it dazzle with its rainbow-inspired design, but it also offers comfort and style with its retro-chic banana seat reminiscent of carefree days. And let's not forget the cherry on top: the adorable basket adorning the front, ready to carry all the essentials for a day of summer fun, whether it's a picnic in the park or a treasure hunt in the neighborhood. With its playful colors, nostalgic charm, and practical features, the 12" LittleMissMatched® Unicorn is the ultimate companion for sunny days and endless summer adventures. 

16" Madd Gear® MG16

16" Madd Gear® MG16

Click this link to buy the 16" Madd Gear® MG16: https://www.walmart.com/ip/16-Boys-MaddGear-Black-Red/5020133580

Rev up your child's summer adventures with the 16" Madd Gear® MG16, a thrilling choice that promises style and performance. With its striking red and black color scheme adorned with a skull design on the frame, this bike exudes an edgy flair that's sure to turn heads wherever the road takes you. Adding to its allure are the tires that appear hydro-dipped, giving them a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that's perfect for the summer spotlight. Moreover, this bike is brand new and available exclusively at Walmart, making it an exciting addition to any young rider's collection. There's something extraordinary about embarking on summer escapades with a bike that's fresh off the shelves, ready to conquer new terrain and create unforgettable memories. So, gear up and get ready to unleash your inner daredevil with the 16" Madd Gear® MG16, the ultimate companion for summer thrills and excitement.

18" Kent Illusion

18" Kent Illusion

Click this link to buy the 18" Kent Illusion: https://www.walmart.com/ip/KENT-18G-ILLUSION-BIKE/5022870715

Elevate your summer adventures with the 18" Kent Illusion, a mesmerizing ride that's stylish and functional. This bike is a true head-turner on any sunny day, sporting a dazzling blue/purple neochrome scheme with eye-catching blue wheels and purple spokes. But what truly sets it apart is its attention to detail, including a front bag adorned with flip sequins, adding a touch of magic to every journey. And the excitement doesn't stop there - this bike is brand new and exclusively available at Walmart, making it the ultimate summer must-have for young riders seeking quality and flair. There's nothing quite like the thrill of embarking on summer escapades with a bike that's hot off the press, ready to take on new adventures and create unforgettable memories. So, gear up and get prepared to ride in style with the 18" Kent Illusion, your child's ticket to a season filled with fun, laughter, and endless possibilities.

20" Kent Tiki Bay

20" Kent Tiki Bay

Click this link to buy the 20" Kent Tiki Bay: https://kent.bike/products/20-kent-tiki-bay

Prepare your child to cruise through summer in style with the 20" Kent Tiki Bay, a whimsical ride that embodies the essence of sunny days and carefree vibes. With its vibrant purple and pink color scheme, adorned with a charming plaid and tropical flower design throughout the chainguard, seat, and handlebar, this bike is an actual statement piece that radiates joy wherever it goes. Equipped with a purple basket in the front, it adds a pop of color. It offers practicality for carrying essentials on your child's summer adventures. And let's not forget the fenders, ensuring a clean and comfortable ride even on wet roads. It's the epitome of a cute cruiser, perfect for leisurely rides along the beach or through quaint neighborhoods. Plus, who can resist the allure of a tiki-inspired aesthetic? Have your child embrace the spirit of summer with the 20" Kent Tiki Bay and embark on a season filled with sunshine, laughter, and endless memories.

24" Kent Northstar

24" Kent Northstar

Click this link to buy the 24" Kent Northstar: https://kent.bike/products/24-kent-northstar-g

Embark on a thrilling summer adventure with the 24" Kent Northstar, the ideal choice for exploring the great outdoors. This introductory mountain bike features a 21-speed drivetrain, ensuring smooth shifting and effortless maneuverability across diverse terrain. It delivers on performance and aesthetic appeal and is available in a stylish purple step-thru frame. With its sturdy frame construction, responsive front suspension fork, and reliable linear-pull brakes, the Northstar offers stability, comfort, and control on every ride. Whether you're cruising through wooded trails or tackling rugged hillsides, this bike promises an exhilarating summer filled with memorable outdoor experiences. Gear up and hit the trails with the 24" Kent Northstar, your ultimate companion for summertime exploration.

26" Margaritaville® Coast is Clear

26" Margaritaville® Coast is Clear (Grey Blue & Light Blue)

Click this link to get the 26" Margaritaville® Coast is Clear in Grey Blue: https://kent.bike/products/26-margaritaville-coast-is-clear?variant=43338990878877 | Click this link to get the 26" Margaritaville® Coast is Clear in Light Blue: https://kent.bike/products/26-margaritaville-coast-is-clear-w

Get ready to soak up the ultimate summer vibes with the 26" Margaritaville┬« Coast is Clear. This cruiser brings the spirit of Margaritaville to every ride. This 7-speed wonder is not just a bikeÔÇöit's a statement piece designed for endless summer adventures. This bike is the epitome of laid-back luxury with its whimsical features like fenders, a front basket, a seat tube mounted bottle opener, a parrot horn, and a cup holder. Whether you opt for the step-thru frame in beautiful light blue or green or the step-over frame in sleek grey blue or navy blue, you're sure to turn heads wherever you go. With its smooth cruising capabilities and charming accessories, the 26" Margaritaville┬« Coast is Clear isn't just a mode of transportationÔÇöit's a lifestyle. So why settle for an ordinary ride when you can cruise in style with a touch of island flair? Embrace the carefree spirit of summer and hit the road in true Margaritaville┬« fashion, where every ride celebrates sun, sand, and good vibes.

27.5" Kent Valkyrie E-Bike

27.5" Kent Valkyrie E-Bike (Light Blue)

Click this link to buy the pictured 27.5" Kent Valkyrie E-Bike in Light Blue: https://kent.bike/products/27-5-kent-valkyrie-e-bike-w | Click this link to buy the 27.5" Kent Valkyrie E-Bike in Red: https://kent.bike/products/27-5-kent-valkyrie-e-bike

Elevate your summer adventures with the 27.5" Kent Valkyrie E-Bike, a game-changer in electric mountain bikes. Perfectly tailored for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, this bike seamlessly combines power, versatility, and comfort to redefine your riding experience. Crafted with an aluminum frame, it's durable and remarkably lightweight, ensuring agility and maneuverability on even the most challenging terrains. With an 8-speed drivetrain and three power modes, the Valkyrie can conquer almost anything in its path, offering a customizable and exhilarating ride for riders of all skill levels. Its impressive acceleration allows it to pick up speed quickly, reaching up to 20 MPH, while the padded and comfortable seat ensures long-lasting comfort during extended rides. This bike is as visually striking as high-performing, available in a stunning light blue for the step-thru frame or a bold red for the step-over frame. Whether navigating rugged trails or cruising through scenic landscapes, the 27.5" Kent Valkyrie E-Bike promises an unforgettable summer filled with excitement, freedom, and endless exploration. So gear up, hit the trails, and prepare to experience the thrill of summer like never before.

29" Kent Enclave

29" Kent Enclave

´╗┐Click this link to buy the 29" Kent Enclave:┬áhttps://www.target.com/p/kent-enclave-29-34-adult-mountain-bike-dark-red/-/A-89514010#lnk=sametab

Revolutionize your summer adventures with the 29" Kent Enclave, the ultimate choice for trailblazers seeking the latest mountain biking innovation. Freshly unveiled exclusively at Target, this brand-new mountain bike is poised to elevate your riding experience to new heights. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, the Enclave effortlessly combines agility with durability, ensuring you can easily conquer any trail. Its 9-speed drivetrain offers unmatched versatility, allowing you to tackle steep inclines and rugged terrain confidently and precisely. Plus, with a padded saddle providing comfort for long rides, every journey will be joyous. Available in a stunning red color that demands attention, this bike performs and dazzles. There's nothing quite like hitting the trails with the newest bike in tow, and the 29" Kent Enclave promises to be the envy of every rider on the path. So, seize the opportunity to be a trail pioneer this summer and experience the thrill of cutting-edge biking technology firsthand.

700c Kent Retro

700c Kent Retro (Red & Periwinkle)

Click this link to buy the 700c Kent Retro in Red: https://kent.bike/products/700c-kent-retro | Click this link to buy the 700c Kent Retro in Periwinkle: https://kent.bike/products/700c-kent-retro-w

Indulge in nostalgia and embrace the essence of summer with the 700c Kent Retro, a timeless masterpiece that evokes cherished memories of carefree days and endless adventures. With its retro aesthetic that harkens back to simpler times, this bike captivates hearts and turns heads wherever you go. Crafted with a lightweight aluminum frame, it effortlessly blends style with functionality, while its 3-speed drivetrain ensures smooth cruising through neighborhoods or leisurely rides to the beach. Equipped with a rear rack, it becomes the ultimate companion for transporting essentials on your journey, whether a picnic blanket for a day at the park or a beach towel for soaking up the sun. Plus, with fenders protecting from splashes and debris, you can ride comfortably and in style no matter the weather. Available in a dazzling periwinkle for the step-thru frame or a popping red for the step-over frame, the 700c Kent Retro bike is a true showstopper that will have everyone reminiscing over the summers of yesteryears. So why settle for an ordinary ride when you can cruise in style with a touch of retro charm? Let the 700c Kent Retro bike be your ticket to a summer filled with nostalgia, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

32" Kent Big League

32" Kent Big League (Single & 7 Speed)

Click this link to get the 32" Kent Big League in Single Speed: https://kent.bike/products/32-kent-big-league | Click this link to get the 32" Kent Big League in 7 Speed: https://kent.bike/products/32-kent-big-league?variant=43435309432989

Get ready to elevate your summer rides with the 32" Kent Big League, the ultimate choice for those seeking comfort, style, and performance in a bike tailored for the big and tall. Engineered with a lightweight aluminum frame, this bike offers both durability and agility, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride. Its standout feature is the whopping 32" tire, providing stability and confidence for riders of larger stature. The extra-wide handlebar with deluxe oversized foam grips offers superior control and comfort, while the deluxe oversized saddle feels like sinking into a plush bucket seat, ensuring maximum comfort on long rides. Complete with fenders for protection from splashes and debris, the Big League is ready to tackle any terrain. This bike caters to individual preferences and is available in single-speed for a classic black look or 7-speed for added versatility in a sleek grey. Whether you're cruising along the boardwalk or exploring scenic trails, the 32" Kent Big League promises a summer of unforgettable adventures tailored to the big and tall. So gear up, hit the road, and experience the ultimate ride this summer with the 32" Kent Big League.

In conclusion, whether you're cruising the boardwalk, conquering mountain trails, or simply enjoying leisurely rides through the neighborhood, there's a perfect bike for every summer adventure. From the colorful and whimsical designs of the LittleMissMatched® Unicorn bike to the rugged performance of the Kent Valkyrie E-Bike, our summer bike guide has highlighted top picks tailored to every size and preference. Embrace the spirit of summer and hit the road with confidence, knowing that your trusty companion will carry you through sunny days and unforgettable memories. So saddle up, grab your helmet, and let the summer adventures begin!