Kent Bike Trainer Stand | Fits 26", 27.5", & 700c Bikes
Kent Bike Trainer Stand | Fits 26", 27.5", & 700c Bikes

Kent International Inc.

Kent Bike Trainer Stand

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The perfect indoors solution for those who want to train within the comfort of their own home!

This Bike Trainer Stand is made from durable steel to ensure durability. With its easily storable folding frame, you can store it away in most closets, making it ideal for those with limited space. The magnetic stand with 8 levels of adjustments allows you to easily customize your workout to match your fitness level. You can increase or decrease the resistance as you go, making it easy to build strength and endurance over time. The convenient quick release makes it easy to mount your bike and get started with your workout. The stand is compatible with most bikes in the 26", 27.5" & 700c tire sizes. With its high-quality construction and versatile design, it's a great investment for any cyclist.

 Durable Steel Construction
Folding Capability for Easy Transport & Storage
Magnetic Resistance with 8 Levels of Adjustments
Handlebar Mounted Resistance Adjustment Dial
Front Wheel Stability Pad

Works with: 26", 27.5" & 700c Bikes