700c Kent Ridgeland | Hybrid Bike for Ages 14+
700c Kent Ridgeland | Hybrid Bike for Ages 14+

Kent International Inc.

700c Kent Ridgeland

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A great option for getting around town!

Looking for a reliable and practical commuter bike that will get you to your destination with ease? Look no further than the 700c Kent Ridgeland, the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward ride. Built with a durable tig welded steel frame and hi-tensile steel fork, the Kent Ridgeland is tough enough to handle the challenges of city streets and everyday use. And with its front and rear linear side pull brakes, you'll enjoy excellent stopping power and control, even in wet or slippery conditions. The single speed drivetrain is simple and efficient, making it easy to get up to speed and maintain a comfortable pace on your commute. And with lightweight alloy wheels and 700c road tires, the Kent Ridgeland is both responsive and nimble, perfect for navigating through traffic or on long rides. But the Kent Ridgeland isn't just practical and functional. With its colorful mismatched style, this bike is eye-catching, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants a bike that looks as good as it rides. Experience the perfect blend of simplicity, style, and performance!

Durable Tig-Welded Steel Frame
Hi-Tensile Steel Fork
Single Speed Drivetrain
Front & Rear Linear Side Pull Brakes
Lightweight Alloy Wheels
Deluxe Padded Saddle
Height Adjustable Seat Post & Stem
700c Road Tires

Recommended Age: 14+
Recommended Inseam: 25" - 30"
Recommended Height: 5'4" - 6'0"
Max Rider Weight: 275lbs.
Product Weight: 30lbs.